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Bandung Golf Tour

Are you looking for a new place challenging gold course? It’s time to get out of country or your city and try Bandung golf courses with . Bandung still provides you with a fresh air and cool climate, so you won’t burn your skin while playing golf. That’s why we offer to organize golf tour for those, golf professionals or enthusiasts.

Bandung Golf Tour Packages

Our 3D2N and 4D3N Bandung Golf Tour packages are appropriate programs to entertain your business clients. These packages include transport, accommodation and multilingual (English, Malaysian and Indonesian) driver guide.

Golf courses that we include in our packages are Mount View Golf, Bandung Giri Gahana and Golf Dago Endah. These courses provide you vast fairways, cozy club houses and agile caddies. It isn’t very hard to play there and the slopes of the courses are “friendly”, even for the beginners.

3D2N Bandung Golf Tour

For those who want to profit from short holiday by playing golf or discussing business with your clients in distinct location with your partners, our 3D2N Bandung Golf Tour will be a great choice. We arrange this package to be as relaxing as possible. Without exhaust your energy during this leisure sporty trip by golfing as long as you wish you can enjoy your Bandung Trip at the same time. In order to elude boredom, we also include recommended dinning places where you can rest after a tiring day while enjoying the ambiance of Bandung.  Then, you can have a shopping time to buy items and souvenirs from Bandung, for you or your beloved ones at home.

 4D3N Bandung Golf Tour

If you have more time to play golf while going sightseeing around Bandung, we suggest you to choose 4D3N Bandung Golf Tour. This package includes three different golf courses, Bandung sightseeing trip and Bandung Shopping Tour. Plus, you can savor different tastes of Sundanese food during dinner in the best Bandung Indonesian Restaurants that we recommend. We assure that you will be fully satisfied to play golf and travel in Bandung with this package.

For more information and booking, contact Bandung Tour Expert customer services now. We will be happy to answer and accommodate you according to your wishes and create fully entertaining Bandung Golf Tour.

Bandung Golf